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Successful negotiation in Tetouan’s medina – Morocco

23 May
Tetouan: Gouarna area in the old medina

Short Description: I left Tangier and headed to Tetouan without visiting Ceuta, the Spanish enclave. A fake guide helped me to buy a silk bedspread and visit the medina in Tetouan. After I strolled through the Spanish Quarter in Tetouan, I suddenly decided to go to Chefchaouen, where I arrived in the evening.  Long Description. The road from […]

The road from Rabat to Tangier with stops in Sale, Larache, and Assilah – Morocco

02 May
Assilah: view of the medina as seen from the seaside

Sale Short Description. Near Rabat, I stopped in the medina of Sale at the main mosque and the adjacent medersa, then at the exotic gardens of Bouknadel. In the evening I stayed at a hotel in Larache. Long Description. I had just left Rabat and stopped in Sale right away. Sale was a small town […]