Travel Book Collection

You know that feeling you have when you’re traveling and finally getting to that place you’ve dreamed of for so long?

Yes, that feeling of excitement, joy, and surprise! You are happy that you’ve made it, you’ve come so far, and you finally are seeing and exploring that place.

The place may be different than in your dreams, but there’s always something special about any place in this world.

You are curios to explore it and see how things are unfolding.

You are open to see it as it is and talk to the locals.

You are grateful that you are there and you can discover its history and culture.

The Travel Book Collection is a different way to put you in the atmosphere of traveling when you’re not traveling (or when you are taking a break from traveling).

It offers you a different perspective on traveling to that country.

It tunes you into the vibe of traveling, discovering things, overcoming unpredictable situations.

That is to say seeing the world through the eyes of someone else is a different way to experience that country.

And to learn something useful from it.

Travel Planning

Traveling to a far away exotic place can feel overwhelming, especially when it is your first time doing this.

You don’t know where to start, you don’t have time to do the whole research on the internet, you want to find the best tips from someone who’s been there.

You want to find alternative ways for a longer or a shorter route, for a sunny or for a rainy day, for off-the-beat places or recommendations for booking accommodation.

Now imagine that someone is doing all the above-mentioned things for you.

You have multiple options of itineraries crafted for your desires, interest, and needs.

You have recommendations of places where you can stop along the route and where you can see something different and unique, away from the tourist crowds.

You have recommendations of accommodations where you can stay near the key sights, but in the same time you have your private room to rest well.

If you enjoy having control over your itinerary and prefer to go on your own to explore new places in this world, drop a message at

See bellow the countries available for travel planning:

  • Europe: Eastern Europe (Balkans) – Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, North Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia
  • Middle East: Jordan, Israel, Palestine, United Arab Emirates, Oman
  • Asia: Thailand, Nepal
  • Africa: Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt

Travel Mindset Program

Do you want to travel more, farther, without any fears and worries ?

Yes BUT …

It is true that there are many things that come up when you plan doing something new, something you’ve never done.

You wonder if there’s something wrong with you because you want to go to an exotic destination at the other corner of the world when all your friends are only going to a short holiday near their home country.

You would like to purchase a flight ticket but you’re afraid you don’t know what to do next.

You think that you don’t have enough money, but the truth is so many people travel with very little money these days.

All these thoughts that are running through your head are called limiting beliefs. This are things that you think are a certain way, but the truth is there are many other ways to overcome these thoughts and follow your dreams.

Now think how it would be to have the courage to trust yourself and take action toward that dream destination.

You book the flight ticket and you are happy and excited you are leaving soon.

You know exactly what is your travel style and how fast or slow you want to travel.

You manage your budget easily and effortlessly and you even have an extra budget for gifts and surprises.

If you want to find out more about this program, drop a message at