Authentic Travels is about motivating people who want to travel more (to farther destinations or to more exotic, “dangerous” places) to overcome their fears, challenge themselves, and find solutions to go to those places they truly want to see. But it is not only about that! It is about motivating you to find your way of traveling – your traveling style, your traveling pace, your traveling mood. It is all about you! How you want to travel!

Have you ever asked yourself ‘When and where do you feel authentic?’ Think a bit and answer this question. It is a very profound question. If you are unsure, think about it a bit more and then answer. Your true, honest answer may be mind-blowing.

What was your answer?

If traveling comes into the equation, then it means that you are in the right place. However, what you’re going to experience on this website is my way of traveling – my traveling style and my traveling choices. And you will say: ‘What does that have to do with me?’ Well, nothing, but everything. It is not borrowing or learning how to travel the good way, but it is about learning how to tune to yourself and travel your way.

Let me tell you my answer for the question ‘When and where do you feel authentic?’ My quick answer was: ‘When I travel and explore small hill towns with narrow cobblestone streets.’ That moment I knew that I was not going to give up on traveling too soon. When you have this passion (or bug) in you, you cannot give up because it will still be there for the rest of your life (and it will keep bugging you). You can ignore it, but you cannot make it go away. It will stay there forever, it depends on you how you emphasize and polish it.

And now you will ask yourself: ‘How do I get into that alignment? How do I tune into my traveling style?’ Well, it is not about giving to yourself a certain answer. It is about tuning into a certain type of energy. And then the answer and the solution will come easily.

How would I help you to do that?
– travelogues and books: sharing honest and everyday travel experiences that help you tune into the true essence of a place, explore it with your mind’s eyes and, why not, dream about it
– travel photo collection: a wide range of travel photos taken from different corners of the world showing the unique and authentic aspects of the places
– travel planning: examples of itineraries and creation of new itineraries for those interested in something different

So I invite your to read the posts on this website and write me if you have any question.

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