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Nomadic Desert Camp, Sharqiya Sands, Oman

15 Nov
Nomadic Desert Camp

Nomadic Desert Camp – Sharqiya Sands Sharqiya Sands (formerly known as Wahiba Sands) stand as a desert region in the northeastern part of Oman. The desert area roughly spans over 180 kilometers (from north to south) and 80 kilometers (from east to west). Big dunes sometimes rise right next to the road snaking along the […]

Jordan Travel Planning

23 Sep
Jordan Travel Planning

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Jordan Travel Planning is the summary of my five-week trip to Jordan during the autumn of 2017 (October and a bit of November). The pace of traveling was slow, in accordance with the flexibility I had to go and stay wherever I wanted with a rented car. Jordan Travel Planning – General Planning: My travel planning for Jordan […]

Camel Desert Trek – from Zagora to M’Hammid – Morocco

13 Feb
Camel Desert Trek - Day 2: my camel waiting for me to ride it

The Camel Desert Trek – the most expected days of my stay in Morocco. The Sahara Desert was always a challenge for camel caravans loaded with merchandise. Many routes studded the North of Africa to connect the main trading centers. Among them, Zagora stood in the Southeastern part of Morocco, at the end of the […]

Morocco Travel Planning – sights and routes

13 Sep
Morocco Travel Planning 2015

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Morocco Travel Planning is the summary of my six-week road trip through Morocco during the autumn of 2015 (October and a bit of November). The pace of traveling was slow and flexible. I could go and stay wherever I wanted with a rented car. Morocco Travel Planning – General Planning My travel planning for Morocco started two months before […]