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11 Jun

– Travel Articles – 

Camel Trekking through the Sahara (Ensemble Vacations)

What to choose: Ghorepani Trek versus the Annapurna Base Camp Trek (Inside Himalayas)

Understanding the Kumari (Inside Himalayas)

Dressing like a local in Nepal (Inside Himalayas)

The beloved beads of Kathmandu’s Indra Chowk (Inside Himalayas)

Finding Peace in Pokhara: Yoga and Meditation Centers near Pokhara (Inside Himalayas)

Yoga and Meditation Centers in Lumbini (Inside Himalayas)

The Changu Narayan Temple: Legends, History, and Architectural Value (Inside Himalayas)

What you need to know when going on a retreat at a monastery (Inside Himalayas)

Maysara of the Shamofs, Siwa, Egypt (The heart of the Hotel)

Your Romantic Honeymoon in Europe Itinerary Curated (Travel Curator)

Morocco Deserts: My unforgettable Camel Ride in the Sahara (Travel Curator)

The Best Hostels to Book Across Romania (Culture Trip)

The most romantic places to stay in Szeged, Hungary (Culture Trip)

The best hotels in Zemun, Serbia (Culture Trip)

Celebrating Tihar in a Nepali village (Inside Himalayas)

The best hotels in Nis, Serbia (Culture Trip)

The most romantic honeymoon resorts in Austria (Culture Trip)

The best romantic places to stay in Varna, Bulgaria (Culture Trip)

The best places to stay in New Belgrade, Serbia (Culture Trip)

Best Places to Stay on a budget in Yekaterinburg, Russia (Culture Trip)

The Best Hotels in Pristina, Kosovo (Culture Trip)

Visiting a Dressmaker in Patan (Inside Himalayas)

8 Adventure Sports in Nepal you must try (Inside Himalayas)

6 Reasons to go on a retreat in Nepal (Inside Himalayas)

Understanding the mandala tradition in Nepal (Inside Himalayas)

The Best Hotels in Jahorina, Bosnia and Herzegovina (Culture Trip)

The Best Hotels in Medjugorje, Bosnia and Herzegovina (Culture Trip)

The Best Hostels in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (Culture Trip)

The Best Hotels in Pecs, Hungary (Culture Trip)

The Best Hotels in Timisoara (Culture Trip)

What it’s like to be on a Meditation Retreat at Kopan Monastery (Inside Himalayas)

UNESCO Cultural Heritage Sites in Nepal (Inside Himalayas)

Understanding Hindu and Buddhist temples (Inside Himalayas)

Himalayan trekking regions at a glance (Inside Himalayas)

Best Resorts in Bulgaria (Culture Trip)

Best Hotels in Bled, Slovenia (Culture Trip)

The Best Hotels in Ljubljana (Culture Trip)

The Best Hotels from Which to Explore Bucharest (Culture Trip)

Interpreting Hindu and Buddhist Deities (Inside Himalayas)

Passport to Kratovo – A Town of Towers and Bridges (Globe Soup)

Romania: Beneath the Surface (Globe Soup)

10 Fairy-tale towns you’ve never heard of in a country you rarely think of (Fodors)

The Tamang Heritage Trail or the Langtang Valley Trek: Which trek should you choose (Inside Himalayas)

Cycling to Lumbini’s Religious Sites (Inside Himalayas)

10 Reasons to Trek the Tamang Heritage Trail (Inside Himalayas)

Hike to Bandipur’s Thani Mai Temple (Inside Himalayas)

An easy hike from Gokarna to Kathmandu (Inside Himalayas)

Meeting the Bedouins: a true insight into life at Petra (Globe Soup)

Where to go in 2020: Best for Beach Bums – Montenegro  (TripSavvy)

Thirty Years after the Revolution, Romania is still rebuilding (Matador Network)

Cycling the medieval fortified churches of Transylvania (Matador Network)

Trekking to the Sahara Desert (Intrepid Magazine)

7 Very best Greek Islands you need to Experience (Modern Trekker)

11 Super important tips for people who are traveling solo to Morocco (Modern Trekker)

8 Best Balkan foods that’ll make your mouth water (Modern Trekker)

Top things to do in Casablanca, Morocco (Modern Trekker)

5 Best ski resorts in Austria that are perfect for this winter (Modern Trekker)

10 Essential Things To Do In Vienna For Culture Lovers (Modern Trekker)

The people you meet on the Tamang Heritage Trail, Nepal (Inside Himalayas)

6 Authentic Romanian dishes that will send your tastebuds soaring (Modern Trekker)

6 Best Places in the World to see the Northern Lights (Modern Trekker)

8 Places to Visit in Morocco That You Never Want to Miss (Photo Blog)

Chasing the Northern Lights: Everything You Need to Know (Modern Trekker)

How to Travel Alone: Tips from a Solo Traveler (Photo Blog)

8 Splendid Things To Do While Traveling To Nepal (Modern Trekker)

7 Reasons Why You Need to Visit Jordan Before You Die (Modern Trekker)

8 Breathtaking Places to Visit in Nepal That Will Make You Want to Go There (Photo Blog)

The 7 Best Places to go Hiking in Slovenia (Much Better Adventures)

11 Super Important Tips for People Who Are Traveling Solo To Morocco (Modern Trekker)

8 Top Sights in Morocco That Will Want To Make You Visit ASAP (Modern Trekker)

Moroccan Desert Tours: Everything You Need to Know (Modern Trekker)

5 Incredible Treks in Slovenia’s Julian Alps (Much Better Adventures)

5 Great Routes to Summit Mount Triglav (Much Better Adventures)

6 Amazing Locations in the Balkans You Might Not Know About (Modern Trekker)

6 Not Well Known Places You Should Visit in the Middle East (Modern Trekker)

Mohammed Janati’s shop in the medina of Azzemour, Morocco (Travel Antics, p. 14)

Complete guide to the best mountains of Romania for hiking and trekking (Adventure Animals)

Hiking Piatra Craiului Mountains in Romania (Adventure Animals)

9 pro tips for visiting Petra without looking like a total tourist (Matador Network)

My first solo travel in the Ciucaș Mountains (Sonderers)

Exploring Tansen and Around (Inside Himalayas)

Celebrating Tihar, the Festival of Lights (Inside Himalayas)

Tamang Death Rites in a Nepali Village (Inside Himalayas)

Remote Beaches of Lemnos Island (Activity Fan)

Jungle Walk through the Chitwan National Park in Sauraha, Nepal (Rainforest Republic)

Religious Rituals at Pharping and Dakshinkali (Inside Himalayas)

The Extended Ghorepani Trek (Inside Himalayas)

Hike to the Gorkha Durbar (Inside Himalayas)

Hiking through the Villages of the Kathmandu Valley (Inside Himalayas)

Discovering Buddhism at Kopan Monastery (Sonderers)

Cycling in the Kathmandu Valley (Inside Himalayas)

Jungle Walking in the Chitwan National Park (Inside Himalayas)

Hike to Pokhara’s World Peace Pagoda (Inside Himalayas)

Trekking the Tamang Heritage Trail (Inside Himalayas)

Cycling through the Villages of Chitwan (Inside Himalayas)

Horse Riding to Sarangkot, Pokhara (Inside Himalayas)

Traditional Architecture of Lemnos Island (Activity Fan)

The Village of Tamtetoucht (Sonderers)

Archaeological Sites of Lemnos Island (Activity Fan)

20 things Romanians say when they’re pissed (Matador Network)

16 signs you were born and raised in Romania (Matador Network)

– Travel Guides –

These Are The Best Clubs & Pubs In Downtown Bucharest Right Now (Matador Network’s Travelstoke)

These are the low-key Bucharest museum that locals love (Matador Network’s Travelstoke)

These are the best cafes in Bucharest downtown right now (Matador Network’s Travelstoke)

Where to have the most iconic dishes locals love in Bucharest (Matador Network’s Travelstoke)

Glacial Lakes in Dracula’s Transylvania – A Guide to Trekking in Romania (Much Better Adventures)

Mountain Roads and Medieval Castles – A Guide to Cycling in Romania (Much Better Adventures)

Hotel Oderberger, Berlin, Germany (Arrivedo)

Hotel Amsterdam De Roode Leeuw, Amsterdam, Netherlands (Arrivedo)

Vila Ambient Neighborhood Guide, Cristian, Romania (Arrivedo)

Hotel Myers Neighborhood Guide, Berlin, Germany (Arrivedo)

Hotel Otto Neighborhood Guide, Berlin, Germany (Arrivedo)

Boutique Hotel i31 Berlin Mitte Neighborhood Guide, Berlin, Germany (Arrivedo)

Enjoy Hotel Berlin City Messe Neighborhood Guide, Berlin, Germany (Arrivedo)

Venesis House Neighborhood Guide, Sighisoara, Romania (Arrivedo)

Ambient Residence Neighborhood Guide, Brasov, Romania (Arrivedo)

Conacul Ambient Neighborhood Guide, Brasov, Romania (Arrivedo)

Ambient Hotel Neighborhood Guide, Brasov, Romania (Arrivedo)

Ambient Pensiune Neighborhood Guide, Brasov, Romania (Arrivedo)

– Photo Contests & Contributions –

Going to school in Bhalil village, Morocco (LensCulture – Portrait Awards 2020)

The ‘Namaste Boy’ from the Tatopani village, in Langtang Region, Nepal (Envision Kindness Contest)

Generous Traditional Lunch on a festive occasion in Kratovo, Macedonia (Envision Kindness Contest)

Bedouins drinking tea in Little Petra, Petra, Jordan (We Said Go Travel)

The ‘Namaste Boy’ from Tatopani village, Langtang Region, Nepal (We Said Go Travel)

A Bedouin Shepherd in Wadi Dana Valley, Dana Reserve, Jordan (We Said Go Travel)

The ‘Namaste’ Boy from Tatopani village, Langtang region, Nepal (LensCulture – AFAR Travel Photography Awards 2018)

The Treasury Vista in Petra, Jordan (Snap Spotz)

Travel Bloggers’ most impressive travel photos and the stories behind it (Girls Wanderlust)

Mohammed Janati’s shop in the medina of Azzemour, Morocco (Travel Antics, p. 14)

– Guest Post Contributions – 

Planning a trip to Thailand (Fill my Passport)

Day trips from Bangkok (The Country Jumper)

The best beaches in Europe (Upandgoneblog)

34 Top Places to Visit in Europe in Summer (Diana’s Healthy Living)

Day Trips from Split, Croatia (Diana’s Healthy Living)

Best solo female travel destinations (Rayner en Route)

Travel Tips 101 (Eat, Travel, Live, Repeat)

Inspiring Travel Quotes (Light Travel Action)

The most beautiful fairytale town in Europe you need to visit (The Savvi Globetrotter)

Best Hikes in Europe (Career Gappers)

Travel Inspiration 2019: Travel Writer’s Most Memoable Travel Destinations (Books and Bao)

10 Unforgettable Treks and Walking Holidays in Europe (Fox in the Forest)

15+ Uncommon Solo Female Travel Destinations (Just Chasing Sunsets)

16 incredible islands you probably haven’t heard of but need to visit! (Sunshine Seeker)

Kosovo has everything (Kosovo Girls Travel)

10 Blogging Nomads to Follow in 2019 (The Voyaging Teacher)

Best European Destinations in February  (Travel with Mei & Kerstin)

101 Best Things to do in Europe in 2019 (The View from Chelsea)

What you could get in Sibiu for 10$ (The Beau Traveler)

Christmas Traditions Around the World (The Adventurous Feet)

Best places for solo travel in Asia by seasoned travelers (The Wandering Core)

Christmas Dishes and Sweets from across the World (The Winged Fork)

Best Winter City Breaks in Europe (Spin the Wind Rose)

Sunshine Blogger Award (Grumpy Camel)

Top tips for saving money on a trip to Norway (Go Live Young)

Sibiu, Romania after Five (Travel after Five)

How to pay for travel (Fitz 5 on the go)

How to travel stress free – advice from 13 pro travelers (Goal Traveler)

Best Christmas Markets in Europe (Loving Life with Cass)

The Best Places in Norway (Fjords and Beaches)

Christmas in Europe: 20 Best Christmas Markets to Visit (Maps’nBags)

How to manage time for traveling whilst working (Traxplorers)

Ethical Travel Guide – Sibiu, Romania (Nomadic Nerd)

13 Cities not to miss in Western Balkans (Kosovo Girl Travels)

Sibiu, Romania (Hear it from Locals)

Best Things to See, Do and Eat in Sibiu, Romania (According to a Local!) (The Savvy Globetrotter)

Liebster Award Nomination (Travel Like a Chieff)

Best Things To Do in Sibiu (Greta’s Travels)

Through the eyes of a local – Sibiu, Romania (Wanderer of the World)

Sibiu, through the eyes of a local (Maps’N Bags)

Amazing Romantic Destinations in Asia (Looknwalk)



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