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The road from Lumbini to Pokhara with a stop in Tansen – Nepal

23 Feb
Lumbini: Maha Devi Temple with the Sacred Pond. Maya Devi bathed here before giving birth to the Buddha

The road to Lumbini – Changing Buses Before reaching Pokhara. Typical for Nepal, the road from Sauraha to Lumbini lasted almost one day. However, there were less than 200 kilometers between the two destinations. In the morning, the Nepali man from the travel company in Sauraha gave me a ride to the bus station located […]

Kopan Monastery: Introductory Buddhism Course – Nepal

23 Dec
Kopan Monastery: a puja ceremony

Kopan Monastery – Introductory Buddhism Course Some time ago, I read an article on the Internet about the Introductory Buddhism Course from Kopan Monastery. I immediately searched for details about the course on their website, filled out the application form, and reserved a spot. I was eager to learn about Buddhism within an authentic environment. The […]