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Kathmandu Valley (II) – exploring towns, villages, and local families – Nepal

02 Feb
Kathmandu Valley: Bhaktapur - Taumadhi Tole - Nyatapola Temple

The medieval town of Bhaktapur, Kathmandu Valley Before leaving for the Kathmandu Valley, I deposited a part of my luggage at Durbar Guesthouse in Patan and planned a one-week trip through the towns and villages in the eastern part of Kathmandu. Out in the street, I bargained with a taxi driver to give me a […]

Kathmandu Valley (I) – exploring towns, villages, and local families – Nepal

23 Jan
Patan: women dressed in red going to the inauguration of the Itiraz Mahavihar-n Monastery

Kathmandu Valley, Patan (Lalitpur) Short Description: In Kathmandu Valley, I explored the main square and the lesser-known neighborhoods in Patan. I also managed to see the Living Goddess in Patan, the Kumari Devi. In the evening, I went with Ashnu to a local eatery and a nice terrace in the expats’ neighborhood. Long Description. In […]

Tamang Heritage Trail (II), Langtang National Park – Nepal

13 Jan
Tamang Heritage Trail - Day 6: Tamang woman reciting mantras near Briddhim village

Tamang Heritage Trail, the fourth day of the trek Tamang Heritage Trail continuation. We stayed in Nagthali Ghyang. Thick clouds covered the mountains across the valley in front of us, but it was sunny above our heads. I wanted to stay there for another day and hoped to see the view of the Langtang Range. Suddenly, […]

Tamang Heritage Trail (I), Langtang National Park – Nepal

02 Jan
Tamang Heritage Trail - Day 2: Going up from Cherka hamlet to Gonggang village - local households

Tamang Heritage Trail, Langtang (part I)  Starting the Tamang Heritage Trail. My mountain guide-cum-porter, Rishi, accompanied me from the luxury of Kopan Monastery to Matribhimi Hotel (his uncle’s hotel). The hotel was a dirty and ugly place but close to the Gongabu Bus Station (on Kathmandu’s Ring Road). From there, we would easier leave toward […]

Kopan Monastery: Introductory Buddhism Course – Nepal

23 Dec
Kopan Monastery: a puja ceremony

Kopan Monastery – Introductory Buddhism Course Some time ago, I read an article on the Internet about the Introductory Buddhism Course from Kopan Monastery. I immediately searched for details about the course on their website, filled out the application form, and reserved a spot. I was eager to learn about Buddhism within an authentic environment. The […]