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From Midelt to the Tafilalt Oasis, passing the Ziz Valley – Morocco

03 Feb
Route du Majhoul in Tafilalt Oases: a normal 'underground' street, a good playground for children

The hidden surprises of Midelt Short Description. Near Midelt, I went to Kasbah Outhmane ou Moussa, then to Kasbah de Myriem – the Notre Dame de l’Atlas Monastery and a local workshop with Berber carpets and embroideries. I passed the Ziz valley and gorges and stopped at a camping between the towns of Erfoud and […]

From Fes to Midelt, passing Sefrou and Bhalil – Morocco

17 Jan
Azrou small Berber town: entrance gate to the medina

The Medinas of Sefrou and Bhalil Short Description. I left Fes and went to Sefrou, where I explored the old medina. Then, I went to Bhalil, the village where troglodytes transformed caves into dwellings. At Kamal Chaoui’s Berber House, the unplanned travel writers’ meeting took place. Kamal invited me to stay in Bhalil overnight. Long Description In the […]

Fes old medina (II): smells and prayers – Morocco

03 Jan
Fes: Borj Nord overlooking the old medina

Fes – the harmonious chaos of the old medina This is the continuation of the first diary about the old medina of Fes, Morocco. The first post can be found at the following link Fes old town: smells and prayers (I). Fes, the second day Short Description. I went to Borj Nord and the Merenids Tombs, then back to […]

Dar Kamal Chaoui – Bhalil Village – Morocco

03 Dec
Dar Kamal Chaoui – with Kamal Chaoui on the rooftop terrace of the house

Dar Kamal Chaoui – Bhalil Village Dar Kamal Chaoui – Bhalil seems a simple Moroccan village, located on the sunny slopes of hills with olive orchards and ancient caverns. Overshadowed by Fes’s cultural attraction, Bhalil is still amazing both by the uniqueness of the troglodyte houses and the tradition of nearly 1,000 women who crochet […]